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50: Blackbutt Stairs with special nosing detail.
51: Pine square baluster with pine inlay post with maple H1 handrail and maple post cap 5.
52: Bluegum staircase with stainless steel posts & timber top rail.
53: Pine stairs with dark stain & a stainless steel balustrade.
54: N6 pine posts with glass panels & H2 timber top rail.
55: Maple treads & risers with shadow detail, cut & concealed stringers.
56: Blackbutt treads & risers with H3 handrails & pine turned posts and balusters.
57: Maple saw tooth open riser with plain wrought iron balusters.
58: Grey ironbark cantilevered spine  with stainless steel balustrade.
59: Grey ironbark treads & risers with shadowline detail and cut & concealed stringers.
60: Victorian ash timber spine with glass balustrade..
61: Blackbutt timber spine with stainless steel posts & blackbutt dowl handrail.
62: Spotted gum open riser stairs. stainless steel posts & H1 spotted gum handrail.
63: Merbau external staircase
with stainless steel wire.
64: Spotted gum open riser stair with stainless steel posts & spotted gum H5 handrail.
65: American oak saw tooth stair with wrought iron balustrade.
66: Bluegum sawtooth staircase with timber dowl balustrade.
67: Brush box open riser stairs with open balusterade.
68: Pine N6 posts B6 balusters H2 handrail.
69: Bullnose treads made from turpentine.
70: Maple stairs with N5 posts b5 balusters H2 handrail.
71: Blackbutt stair with stainless steel plain & waved balusters.
72: Blackbutt open riser stair with a steel stringer & timber slatt balustrade.
73: American oak staircase with glass balustrade.
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